Home Truths Eight

I bet that you’re probably snuffling quietly into a tissue as you read this. Or perhaps popping your second Sudafed. Maybe gargling a little Dimetapp. The whole of Melbourne seems to have been hit by the dreaded lurgy of flu. God knows your little Editor still has it, and had the beginnings of it reared its head on Saturday 28th of May. That’s the reason you’re only getting one auction review for this week – 50 Rathdowne Street in Carlton. So get better peeps – and I look forward to a jollier, flu-free Saturday and brekky review for you next week. For now, here’s a sweet little Home Truths Melbourne snackeroo.

Starting off in Carlton, Editor-In-Chief Iolanthe Gabrie.

Vibe: Trying to stay warm and look presentable. Bronzey tones fit the wintery theme in a Mary-Quant style tunic and thick leggings.

Wearing: Veronika Maine shift dress, Marc Jacobs watch, Codral.

Auction 1: 50 Rathdowne Street, Carlton

Time: 11:00 am

Agents: Nelson Alexander, Roland Paterson

Punters: Given the relatively conservative attitude we’ve seen from buyers over the past few weeks at Home Truths, Saturday’s auction at 50 Rathdowne Street was very well attended. A real cross-section of buyers too – young families, retiree buyers and some of the neighbours having a poke around. The home is located along Rathdowne Street which isn’t necessarily the most appealing spot to many purchasers who are concerned about road noise, or would prefer to be in the Rathdowne Village.

Review: I must quietly admit my bias and say I really love this home. It’s the ultimate Carlton McMansion. Three levels and a corner position means that the property is naturally bright throughout. The living zone floor is impressive with a bulkhead ceiling creating a delightful sense of space, and the views to Rathdowne Street were lovely. I imagine that this kind of inner-city urban home doesn’t suit everyone though – I heard some comments from buyers worried about street noise, upcoming construction work and a noted lack of mirrors in the bathrooms and window coverings. This is a trend we’ve noticed in new developments – ostensibly for the builder to cut back on costs. Arch Staver was the auctioneer and made every effort to impress upon the crowd the excellent buying that the home represented, putting forward that building the home from scratch would be much more expensive than buying it now.  After further encouragement, Arch called a vendor bid of $1.1 million, upon which price the property was passed in. It is now available for private sale at $1,195,000.

Auctioneer Arch Staver looking sharp and encouraging a stony-faced crew to bid.