Hometruths Thirteen

We’re BAAAACK! After some months of absence, Hometruths Melbourne has come back kicking – oddly enough, just as the Auction market has got its groove back too. For the thirteenth instalment of our natty little journal we take you to breakfast at Wide Open Road in Brunswick, tag along to an auction full of young beautiful things and end up somewhere historic. Ooh, it’s an adventure.

Beginning in Carlton, Editrix Iolanthe in front of a very ‘Aix-En-Carlton’ Maison.

Vibe: Well, if we’re talking weather – it was a perfect autumn day. Sunny but not hot, breezy but nothing that will muss yo’ ‘do.

Wearing: I am a greater lover of coloured tights and am pleased to be able to wear them again! Booties and tights by Rubi, leopard print dress by Gorman.

Hometruths Melbourne Brekky Review: Wide Open Road, 274 Barkly Street Brunswick.

Melbourne’s ongoing affair with ex-industrial spaces continues with coffee-aficionado haunt Wide Open Road located opposite Barkly Square. The clientele seemed to be local stylish hipster kids catching up with their Mums and Dads or girlfriends catching up on the week’s activities. The menu has a little somethin’ somethin’ for everyone, although I had the bagel which was lavishly buttered and had some kind of toffee-caramelly condiment to go.

If you (like me) enjoy cakes for breakfast on Saturday instead of traditional sustenance, enjoy.

Wide Open Road has natty street-art including disused trolleys, an homage to Barkly Square perhaps?

Auction 1: 24 Murdock Street, Brunswick

Time: 11:30 am

AgentsAG Property, Anthony Gattuso

Punters: First home buyers were the main parties interested in this cute little home, which felt comfy and happy. Hard to quantify these exact sensations, but we think you know what we mean. It was an old house, but well-loved. It is in a price bracket (quote range $490,000 – $530,000) that is squarely in the first home owner’s market, and boy are these potential owners angry. Lots of crowd rudeness towards the agent and sniggering, which is most unbecoming in anyone.

These vendors must be nice people. How could you not be with a cat-themed mailbox? Lovesit.


Anthony Gattuso called a solid auction, raising a few giggles from the stony-faced crowds who looked to be willing a pass-in. Talking about the location of the property (quiet street, close to Sydney road, albeit the top end) and the benefits and transparency of the auction system, Anthony got things going with a vendor bid of $470,000. As you’ll be able to see from our Twitter feed, the bidding was fast and furious. Just when we thought there was no more ‘gas in the tank’ a dark horse bidder came in at $600,000 – and proceeded to buy the property. The home was sold under the hammer for $608,000 and proves there’s fire in the belly of the market for inner-city property still.

So there is no second auction for today. But there is an adventure to the National Trust Vintage Sale at Como House! I’d never been to  the birthday-cake of a property which is Como House, but it was there in all its sunny glory just after this Auction.

I was expecting great things of the vintage clothes sale bonanza in this gracious home, but alas all the more exciting items had been snaffled by more devoted fashionistas than I. Here’s a picture of some natty hats for you, however….

… and some details of the garden. Not an auction perhaps, but another kind of ‘open house’ well worth the visit.