Feeling Smart

Everything you have ever wanted, is

Alexandra and Genevieve Smart are two business women with a very clear understanding of both their offering and the lives of the clientele. The sisters behind the elegant-yet-restrained label Ginger & Smart have paired up with Dulux Australia for the latest iteration of the paint brand’s ‘United By Color’ collaborations – drawing upon their most recent collection ‘Arcadia’ to create a triptych of interior spaces in a palette of bespoke Ginger & Smart colors.


I spoke briefly with Alexandra (left) at their VAMFF activation this week, and was immediately impressed by both her eloquence in dissecting the tropes of the ‘Arcadia’ collection, and her ideas about Ginger & Smart’s contribution to a modern woman’s experience of herself. The sisters Smart were approached directly by Dulux to collaborate on the United by Colors project, as Ginger & Smart are well-known for creating their own swatches of color each season rather than using palettes and colorforms already created by Pantone or similar.


A dark floral tribute punctuated by soft textures and pink-coppers. ‘Arcadia’


Alexandra spoke about how the ‘Arcadia’ collection is inspired by both their clients – women who are variously creatives, corporates, daughters, mothers, wives, friends – often all at once, and organic nature. The moody palette reflected in both Ginger & Smart’s collection and in their Dulux ‘dream rooms’ – can be recreated in your own space with a little know-how and the right painter.


Muted pinks, blacks and natural woods. ‘Eclipse.’


For more details on bringing Ginger & Smart’s aesthetic into your home, read on.





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